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  • Are there units available for rent?
    Units in Phase 1 will only be available for purchase. Check back as we move to Phase 2.
  • What size units are available to purchase?
    The Werks features two different sized units, both with upstairs mezzanines. The larger unit measures 50’ deep x 24’ wide for 1,200 square feet on the main floor. The larger unit mezzanine measures 384 square feet for a total of 1,584 square feet. The smaller unit measures 35' deep x 24' wide for 840 square feet on the main floor. The smaller unit mezzanine measures 288 square feet, for a total of 1,128 square feet.
  • How do I reserve a unit and what is the payment schedule?
    We are taking reservations now. You will be able to reserve a garage unit with a $5,000 refundable deposit. All deposits will be held in escrow through ground breaking. The remaining payment schedule is as follows: 50% Down Payment due at signing of Purchase Agreement (at Ground Breaking) 20% Payment due once foundation is poured 20% Payment due once unit (building) is dried-in (roof & walls) Balance due at Certificate of Occupancy (closing)
  • Will I be able to fit my large RV in any of your units?
    YES. The larger unit will accommodate an RV. We have some units that we have earmarked for RVs. Depending on the length of the RV, you may need to purchase your unit without a mezzanine. Please contact us to review your requirements.
  • What’s included with each garage?
    Each condo will feature individually controlled HVAC that is individually metered. The Werks condos will have 100 amp service and will be pre-wired with rough-ins for 110V and 220V outlets and internet. Condos are also pre-plumbed to allow owners to add bathrooms, sinks, showers or kitchenettes. Car condos come with a 14'X14' insulated garage doors with remote openers, and a separate man door.. LED lighting and ceiling fans are included in each unit.
  • Can I customize the interior of my unit?
    Absolutely. Owners will have the ability to customize their units to their individual needs. From custom flooring to wall finishes, bathrooms and vehicle lifts, the options are limited only by the imagination and individual budgets. We are currently establishing our approved vendor list.
  • Can I access my Garage at any time?
    Yes. All Owners have 24/7 access to their unit year round. Gate access is monitored and all owners have individual codes for recording of entry and exit of the site.
  • Can I live in my Garage Unit?
    No. The Property is not zoned for residential living and thus the Private Garages may only be occupied for casual intermittent stays by owners and are subject to local ordinances. All changes to the interior must comply with local codes.
  • Are pets allowed at The Werks?
    Yes. The Werks welcome pets provided that they are licensed and vaccinated. Pets are not permitted to roam and must be attended at all times and kept on a lease as consideration of other owners and their guests. Pets will not be allowed in the club house and guests may not bring pets.
  • Is there a Property Owners Association?
    Yes. All Private Garages at The Werks are governed by the The Werks Condo Association, which is a non-profit corporate organization under State of North Carolina law and is responsible for the management, maintenance, operation and administration of the common elements, easements and affairs of the condominium project in accordance with the documents filed and registered with the State of North Carolina. Owners may not rent individual space or parking to others in their garage. Owners may be allowed to sublease as long as the sublease is approved by the Developer and adheres to HOA Covenants and restrictions.
  • Can I decorate the outside of my unit?
    In order to maintain a consistent appearance outside the owners of Garages Condos may not customize the exterior of their unit in any way. The options on the inside of the Private Garage are endless and are where dreams are made!
  • What are the expenses, besides Property Tax?
    As with all real estate , the local tax assessor will determine the assessed value and apply rates. Each garage has a separate electrical meter. Additional maintenance and services, including but not limited to, water, common area lawn care, exterior lighting, electricity, and garbage collection, will be included in monthly HOA fees which will be evaluated annually and are currently estimated to be between $150-$175 per month depending on the size and location of your particular unit. Satellite TV an internet services are provided individually. Taxes and Insurance are mandatory expenses.
  • Are there fees associated with The Werks Social Club.
    Yes. All condo owners are required to hold an Executive Membership with The Social Club. at an Owner's Rate of $2250 per year. A Social Only Membership will be available to board approved non-owners at a rate of $3500 per year.
  • Can I sell my unit in the future?
    Yes. Similar to any real estate, owners will be able to sell their unit(s) at any point in the future. The Development Group has a first right of refusal to purchase any unit within the first 3 years of ownership.
  • Can I rent my space to other individuals?
    Owners may not rent individual space or parking to others in their garage. Owners may be allowed to sublease as long as the sublease is approved by the Developer and adheres to HOA Covenants and restrictions.
  • Can I work on my vehicles in the unit or use it as a hobby/workshop?
    YES. You can do almost anything you would ordinarily do in your home garage, as long as your work or hobby does not reasonably interfere with the enjoyment of other condo occupants and does not violate any of the restrictions in the association rules.
  • Can I have lifts installed in my unit?
    Yes! It's all about the cars.
  • Do the car condos have fire sprinklers and fire alarms?
    YES, All The Werks condos and the community lounge have fire sprinklers.

The Werks FAQs

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